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Butcher Box Review

Has anyone ever watched a documentary that talks about the meat industry? The antibiotics, the cruel treatment of the animals, chickens stuffed wall to wall in buildings with no windows, pecking each other to death and trampling each other because they have no room to move or disposing of all the baby male chicks in… Read More Butcher Box Review

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Radiation in Your Spice Cabinet!! >>> (Radiation in Food)

When we think radiation, we may envision a sci-fi flick where they’ve gotten radiation poisoning and everyone is breaking out with boils and dying.  But most of us wouldn’t look in our kitchen and worry that we have radiation lurking in our cabinets. Radiation in your spices? Whaaat?!! Sad, but true!  I was just as… Read More Radiation in Your Spice Cabinet!! >>> (Radiation in Food)