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Having your product reviewed (by Amanda) is a great way to promote your brand and gain valuable traffic and exposure. Product reviews also allows the readers of ClearSunshine.com to engage your company through social media.

Each product review will contain the following:

  • Link to your main website
  • Link to your product sales page
  • Link to any coupon or promotional material
  • Links to company social media profiles (Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.)
  • An honest well-written product review around 500 words
  • A minimum of 3 (sometimes more) high quality images

Please take a moment and read our Product Review policy so you fully understand our criteria.

Product Reviews are available in either written and video format.


PR Policy

ClearSunshine.com is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through organic and GMO free products. If you have perused my site, you will see that I try to share items that are non-toxic and promote a balanced, clean, green lifestyle.  Yes, sometimes we will eat something (chips with organic yeast extract) or use something (nail polish) that doesn’t exactly stick to that model.  This is called “balance”.  But when it comes to promoting a product, I will not review and promote just anything. 

If you would like me to review your product, please consider these guidelines before contacting me (these are not complete, but for a starting point).

Food Items:
Cannot contain:

  • Artificial ingredients, MSG, artificial colorings (i.e. Red 40, Blue Lake 05, etc), carrageenan, nitrates, nitrites, caramel color.
  • Preferably Organic

Beauty/Cleaning products:
Cannot contain:

  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), parabens, synthetic colors, formaldehyde, triclosan, toluene, bleach

If you have a question about your product, please contact us with the product specs in advance and any information regarding the product.

All items for review need to be in original packaging and full size quantity for me to accurately review them. After the review, the product will become property of ClearSunshine.com, thus we cannot return items.

Product reviews will be posted within 2 – 4 weeks of receiving the item, unless otherwise noted. If product requires extended usage to get full-experience, this could cause a delay in the post.  Potential delays could arise from a backlog of product reviews.

ClearSunshine.com is a family-friendly and healthy lifestyle blog. Thus the review will also be family-friendly and focused on how the product can add value to the reader’s lifestyle.

If the product is found to not meet the above stated criteria, we will not review the item and the item will not be returned.


On a sidenote:  I also review items that I have purchased myself and just want to share all the lovely details about.  So unless otherwise disclosed in the blog or social media post, all products were originally purchased by me. I will not recommend any product that I don’t personally use and support.

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