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Don’t have a physical product, but you still want a ClearSunshine.com review or plug to your website or social media profile? We can do that too! Please note that we will not write or review any website that is not a good fit for our audience. To make sure you qualify, please contact us in advance.

Having a sponsored post is GREAT for SEO and website traffic.

Each sponsored post will consist of:

  • 1 – 2 links to your main website
  • Links to your social media assets
  • Link to any coupon or special promotion (if applicable)
  • An honest 300 – 500 word article about ‘you’
  • You MUST provide a minimum of 3 high quality images to include in your sponsored post


Sponsored Post Policy

ClearSunshine.com promotes a healthy, happy, holistic, and organic life. We encourage our readers to live their life free of harmful chemicals and to focus on becoming a happier, healthier person

Due to this focus, we cannot review many websites that are not dedicated to the same.

Plain language:

No we will not promote your payday loan scams, your Dr. Oz garcinia cambogia extract pills (unless its organic and FTC compliant), or your replica Rolex’s. *don’t even bother asking.

Who is a good fit for a sponsored post?

The ‘mom-blog’ niche is a wonderful niche, so we encourage you to get a plug form us. If your blog is about being beautiful, healthy, and happy – then I am sure you qualify.

ClearSunshine.com is a family-friendly and healthy lifestyle blog. Thus the review will also be family-friendly and focused on how the product can add value to the reader’s lifestyle.

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