Top Kid’s Christmas Gifts for 2014

The holidays are practically upon us.  Only 7 more shopping days till Christmas.  This may cause a sense of panic among some, but have no fear. . .we have some suggestions for your kiddos!  We have compiled a list of the Top Christmas Gifts for 2014!  To see the price and purchase, just click on the image of the item you are interested in!  Also, if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can still get all your goodies shipped for FREE before Christmas!  We love our membership!

For those of you who love the classics:

1) Lincoln Logs – it doesn’t get more classic than Lincoln Logs.  Slightly less painful than Legos to step on lol!  Every kid should get the chance to experience these!

 2) The Spirograph – this brings back some memories!  I used to play with mine for hours.  I might have to pick one up for my little artists.

3) TinkeyToy’s –  this set can provide HOURS of fun for your kiddos.  TinkerToy’s will get their imaginations moving and I bet you can even get them to turn off the TV and video games for this toy!


 For the Builders/Engineers among you:

1) The Goldie Blox Collections are amazing for encouraging your daughters to check out the world of engineering!  This is just one of the awesome sets available.

2) This K’Nex set comes with 705 pieces and is sure to keep the kiddos busy for hours.

3) This 607 Lego Bucket is a great starter bucket or addition to your kiddos collection.

 For your little artists:

1) The Crayola Doodle Magic Lap Desk is sure to keep your munchkins happy on the holiday drive to Grandma’s!

2) This is a great kit to unlock your child’s creativity!  

3) I am personally getting this for my daughter.  The Melissa and Doug Scratch Art Set comes with 16 different sheets, stencils, 3 show-off frames and 2 stylus’.

 For more ideas for the kiddos, check out our Clear Sunshine Amazon store by clicking HERE!

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