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DIY Chicken Waterer

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When you are building a chicken watering system you can make it as simple or complex as you want. I choose to go with simple and cheap . . .

Check out the below video that shows how I built this Chicken Waterer using a 3 gallon bucket, (1) * 90° angle 3/4in fitting, 1* threaded male adapter, and some chicken nipples that I purchased on Amazon.com.

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This DIY Chicken Waterer took about 1 hour to build and cost less than $10 for everything.

If you are looking for the best deal on a chicken waterer poultry nipples (25 pack) you can buy them here for just over $7.

poultry nipples


Chicken Waterer Supplies

Items Used to Build this Chicken Waterer:

  • Bucket came from the local grocery store cost around $0.50 each for a 3 gallon bucket.
  • 90° angle ¾” fitting – $0.48
  • ¾” threaded male adapter – $0.38
  • 25 Chicken (poultry nipples) – $7.00 (Amazon Prime)
  • PVC Glue – $4.50

Chicken Waterer

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