Clear Sunshine, Soul Spot

Hey y’all…I’m baaaaack!

Some of you may be thinking: “Where have you been?  Did you go somewhere?  Why has the blog been soooo quiet?  Don’t you love us anymore?”.

Glad you asked!  (I was going to tell you anyway).  As many of you know (because you stalk me on social media), my family and I have been hopping around from Oregon to Texas and back to Oregon, and now to Nevada.  While state-hopping, we have had a lot of life changes, and, honestly, blogging became secondary to everything else.  I still love sharing all the new things I’m trying and telling y’all about it.  But blogging was one of those things that took a back seat, constantly kicking me in the back asking, “When are you going to give me some attention?”  I’m sure all you mama’s out there can appreciate the analogy!

I continued to write (as you’ll see from some upcoming posts), but wasn’t in a mindset to be able to keep up with the blog, alongside everything else.

So here we are going strong in 2019 and I am super excited to say that I am back to liven things up and get back to work on the blog.  I have so missed sharing and can’t wait to tell you about what we’ve been up to.  

The site has been getting a bit of a face lift, because who wouldn’t appreciate a little lift, nip, tuck to keep things fresh. Plus it pays to be married to a Hunk, who has been working in the online space for 15+ years.  I have learned a ton.

When contemplating what Clear Sunshine was needing, I kept coming back to the thought that I really REALLY wanted to add a “spiritual” component.  Let’s face it, we are not really living a pure, clean, full life if we aren’t addressing our spiritual side.  Most blogs are a reflection of the person writing them too.  Seeing as my faith is so much of who I am, I have to talk about it.

This was something I was previously leery to share much about, because my husband and I were raised in a REALLY legalistic fundamentalist religious organization.  (Think girls in skirts, LONG hair, no makeup, no jewelry, boys in pants, no shorts, no tank tops, and no facial hair etc.) We made the VERY difficult choice to officially leave this organization in 2015.  We have many family and friends that are still members of this organization.  We love them dearly and they know my heart is not to hurt them.  But, I strongly feel like I should share some of my experiences and why we left.  It’s very difficult to leave and you can feel very isolated, at times. But, we will get more into all that in future posts.  

Aside from the spiritual component, I will also continue to share about clean eating and green beauty, as well as a slew of other topics! 

Thanks for all those who have continued to follow me on my journey.  It has been a bumpy ride, but we are still trucking along, doing our best to push forward.

Health and Blessings,


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