15 thoughts on “Nubian Heritage Soap – Giveaway!!!

  1. I would like to try this soap(Nubian) and raw shea butter out simply, because I like to try new products. And also , because I have really sensitive skin and I feel that this soap as well as the raw shea butter will really help and not irritate my skin at all. Just being honest. Honesty is the best policy. Right?? Have a swell day and God Bless!! 😉

  2. First of all LOL at the beginning of your movie, kids, they’re wonderful.
    I would like to try the soap because of the shea butter in it. My skin gets so dry in the cold winter months.
    Ps. I had to google nubian heritage soap to find out what it was.

    1. Thanks…my kids are a hoot! The keep us on our toes. I discovered Nubian Heritage soap at Whole Foods and LOVED the smell of all of them. I have slowly been trying each scent and have been trying their other products (e.g. their lotion, body wash, etc).

  3. I would love to try Nubian Soap and Shea Butter because they sound like great products and I love to try new beauty products.

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