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Wolverine Workout Week #3 Kick Off

Who has been living in pain the last 2 weeks. . . Anybody. . . *crickets chirping*. . . Nobody?!

Well, I know Mr. Sunshine and I have been!  The first week after Day 2, we couldn’t hardly walk for an entire week lol!  I HATE squats.  They are my least favorite, but I know my booty needs the help. . .so onward Christian soldiers haha!  

We are marching into Week 3 of the workout today.  Small confession. . . we missed both Fridays in the weight room.  On Week 1, we were both so sore that we literally could not move (pure pain is how I can describe it). So we went for a 3 mile hike on a road that is inclined the majority of the walk.  Then you would think the descent would have been relieving, but NO!  Our quads were still so sore from Day 2 that we were whining almost the whole way down!  We worked up a good sweat though and had a nice chat.  Overall, still a good workout.IMG_1370

Thankfully Week 2 was better, but we weren’t able to make it to the gym early on in the day Friday. So we opted for the cardio room at 8pm on a Friday (we really know how to live it up and party down, let me tell ya)!  You know you’re a parent and have been married awhile when a night at the gym is like a date, because you get to have an uninterrupted conversation for more than 5 minutes.


What’s nice about the Wolverine Workout is that it stays the same week to week, except for your amount of weight changes.  This makes it easy to get in a ‘hum’ and you know what ‘s coming.  Then you know how much to pump yourself up lol on those lovely days when you would rather sit and eat chocolate rather than go to the gym!

If you haven’t already started the workout, there is no time like the present!  If you don’t like the Wolverine Workout, go check out a different routine on (or your find one on Pinterest).  I promise that exercise is one of the best ways to manage and relieve stress and help you feel so much better physically.  Even though your body may be sore, you will not regret doing it and will realize that you are one workout closer to your health goals. 

BUT, you have to actually start!  Make a promise to yourself to get out there and get moving. Start with a soft jog around the neighborhood and don’t feel guilty for walking a bit in between.  Intervals are a great way to get your heart going!  You can do this!


Health and Blessings,


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