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Wolverine Workout Challenge – Day 1

Today we started the Wolverine Workout and it pretty well kicked my butt, as I am sure every day of this workout will.  Since it is Day 1 though, I am sure it feels worse than it will!

Truth in Day 1. . .I didn’t do EVERY rep, but I did the whole workout.  I find that if I am really struggling to get through a set, I will cut the reps from 10 to 7 or 8.    


My second truth is that I didn’t do the 4th round of the shoulder circuit.  By the time I finished the 3rd round, my arms were DONE!  I am pretty sure they will be like Jello tomorrow.  I’ll let you know in the Day 2 update!

My least favorite exercise in Day 1 of the Wolverine Workout is the Cuban Press. . . I HATE THEM!  I would rather do more bench presses than these crazy things.

My fave exercise on Day 1 is the Triceps Push-Down.  When I do these I add a little extra at the end. . .I twist my wrists out to the sides.  It will work that side tricep muscle a little more.  

I am tracking my food intake via the Lose It app on IMG_1308my phone.  I am doing this so that I can reach my goal and keep track of what I am putting in.  I don’t usually overeat or eat junk.  So, this is more for my information than anything.  I am also not limiting myself.  If I want to eat a piece of chocolate, I will do it.  It just has to be logged and taken into consideration.  

Right now I set my goal at a pound a week.  This allows me a budget of 1,343 calories a day.  I finished up under my budget by 430 calories.  Keep in mind that if you exercise it will allow for more calories in your budget.IMG_1297

Tomorrow is going to be REALLY fun. . . you end up doing a total of 100 squats (assuming you aren’t like me and hacking a couple off of each set lol)!  Good luck tomorrow!  You got this and you can do it!

Health and Blessings (and Pain), 


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