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Wolverine Workout Challenge – Join Me!

Working Out. . . These words and I have a love-hate relationship.  I don’t really enjoy working out, but oh how I love the way my body looks when I do.  So daily there is this constant mental struggle when my husband says, “Let’s go to the gym!”  

I know I need to go and that I should. . . the little fit angel on my shoulder, says “GO! You’ll feel better and at least earn that chocolate you inhaled (It was organic dark chocolate btw and only 2 squares…not even a full serving!  Geesh)!  Then the lil’ fluffy angel on the other shoulder says, “Oh you don’t look bad.  Those 10 extra pounds don’t even send you close to ‘obese’ on the scales!”  

The Drill Sergeant

Then my husband steps in . . . I like to call him the Drill Sergeant.  This is because when Mike runs, he will yell military-style cadences, as we run through the park saying words like “Motivated”, “Dedicated”, “Fired Up!” etc.  Needless to say, we get some interesting glances and the kids get embarrassed on our three 3 mile jogs.  OY VEY!  Did you ever watch Gunny on Mail Call (History Channel)?  I would say this is a fair comparison lol!  


This is how I think the “Drill Sergeant” looks when he says “Let’s Go to the Gym!”


Here is the “Drill Sergeant” doing a 405 lb deadlift


Wolverine Workout

Anyway . . .  from about January to May of this year, the “Drill Sergeant” and I were not in primo-shape, but we were going to the gym at least 4-5 times a week.  In February, my husband decides that we are going to try out the Wolverine Workout that got Hugh Jackman whipped into shape for his movie.  


Keep in mind that this is for people who already are in shape and are looking to kick their butt’s further to gain that extra edge.  So pretty much not at all at my level! 

We start it and I promise you, we could hardly finish each day.  It is really that hard!  We told a few people about it that were in better shape than us, and they even had a hard time getting through each workout.  It is definitely a butt-kicker of a workout.  

I didn’t really drop a lot of weight, but what I did notice is my clothes fit a LOT better!  

The nice thing about this program is that it will shred body fat and you will look and feel AMAZING at the end . . . I promise.

Unfortunately we ended up leaving for the summer and without our routine, we both packed some poundage back on.  

Bleh! So we are back at it, this is me preparing for the Wolverine Workout this week (just keeping it light) while I get ready to kick butt and take names.



Wolverine Workout Challenge

So who’s willing to take the Wolverine Workout Challenge?

Here is how this will work . . . 

The starting date will be October 6th, 2014 and run through the end of the month.

Wolverine Workout – Week 1 Starts Here

The total time in the gym is 1 hour each day (if you are focused to get it done).

This grueling weight lifting regiment will most definitely give you definition in your arms and help tuck everything together in all the other areas.


Starting in 1 week, I am going to be posting regular updates to this 4 weeks of hell and as always eating organic and healthy will be a huge part of it.  So for those of you hiding chips, sweets and other processed foods in the cabinets . . . this week may be a good time to ‘cleanse’ your kitchen!  How you go about that is up to you (trash or gut, you decide)!

 As we go along, I will post more updates to specific foods I am eating on this program.

 If you have any questions about how the program will work, please comment or message me.

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